Why I run….

One of the reasons I like to run is that it means I have time and privacy to think.  I am by no means a good runner, but as I run I find i switch off from the everyday nonsense and start to focus on what has been going round and round in my head.  As my feet pound, I breathe hard, heavy dance music pushing me on I focus on L. I think of the way she holds her glass, her smile, her legs un-crossing, curling under her as she sits between us, her thighs naked.  S takes the glass from her and passes it to me, I drain it and discard it.  I move towards her on placing my hand behind her head and kissing her hard, pulling her towards me.  Her hands on my breast, her fingers pinching my nipples, her breathing hard.  matching my breathing as I run.  I sit astride her, grinding my pelvis against hers, I lift my gaze to the side, my tongue still in her mouth, to watch S, his hand slipped into his trousers, stroking his cock.  His lips open, his breathing hard, matching my breathing as I run.  L attempts to pull away, I pull her hair and force my tongue deeper into her mouth, she moans gently.  Her fingers pinch my nipple harder, her other hand tugging at my buttons, forcing their way inside my shirt.  I pull her hair harder, force her head away from me so I can bite her throat, my tongue hard against her skin, my free hand roughly opening her blouse to expose her breasts.

Groans from S as he stands to release his trousers, his cock still in hand.  My pelvis hard against hers and her hair held tightly between my fingers.  I pull her nipple and feel S standing behind us – his free hand running down my back and lifting my buttocks from her, forcing my trousers down so he can gain access to my arse.  I can feel him sliding his hand up and down his cock against my back, his breath on my neck as I bend my head to slip her nipple into my mouth.  Her body goes rigid and I hear her moan.  Sucking, biting, my fingers hard into her breast, her head forced back as I pull her hair.  I stop – pull away from her – release her hair and slide off of her.

I stand to undress and S pushes himself hard against her.  His tongue rammed into her mouth, his face grazing against hers, rough where mine was smooth,he pinches her nipples harder than I did causing her to gasp, his knees between her legs forcing them apart, his fingers straight into trousers,pushing, pushing, hard, fingering her hard into the chair, he pulls her jeans off roughly as I slowly undress, slipping my trousers down, my shirt off, my bra discarded. L’s legs trembling as forces his fingers into her cunt, one finger then two, hard into her wet cunt, his thumb against her clit, his teeth grazing her throat.  I sit next to them, my legs apart, I finger my cunt and rub my clit hard watching them as he fucks her hard with his hands, forcing another thick finger hard inside her.  I reach down between his legs to grab his rigid cock and pump it hard.  He pulls his fingers from her and rams them into my open cunt leaving her pussy wide open and twitching.  He stretches me, forcing two then three fingers inside me, his lips now on my neck, eagerly searching for my mouth, his tongue heavy and wet.

L wiggles down under S and slips his cock into her mouth.  With a heavy grunt he pins her to the chair fucking her mouth vigorously whilst he fingers me. He takes his fingers from my pussy and forces one into my arse, pushing, tearing at me to open wider for him.  With a groan he tears himself from L’s mouth and stands above us.  L’s mouth is dripping and open, my lips are swollen from his rough face.  L slides up, on top of me, pushing my legs further apart and starts to suck my clit, her tongue insistent, her lips around me, in me,  her arse high in the air, too much for S to resist, from behind he pushes his fingers into her, with fingers on both hands he opens her cunt wider and tongues her hard, she in turn forces her tongue harder inside me.

L breaths hard.  S Breathes hard.  As I run and imagine this scene my clit gets hard and hot and it becomes difficult to run.  I breathe hard.  And look forward to the weekend.

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