getting clean

We rush back to the house to get changed – K only visiting for a brief weekend and both of us eager to wash up, dress up and go out to meet friends.  The house was empty and quiet, S not yet home from work but due back imminently.  K threw her weekend bag into the spare room and was just pulling her new dress from her bag as I entered with a gin & tonic in hand.

‘Thank you honey, that’s gorgeous.’

‘would you like to shower first?’ I asked sucking at my drink through the ice.

K nodded and I left her to run the shower and ensure there were clean towels ready.  The bathroom starts to fill with puffy clouds of steam and I lay out fluffy dark towels for both of us.  K came in through the door, put down her drink on the side and starts to unbutton her shirt. I turn and start to leave but K stops me,

‘you might as well stay, I’ll be quick and we can carry on chatting’

I stay.  I sit on the edge of the bath and watch her undressing, unashamed of my interest in her beautifully emerging body.  I can feel a tingle between my thighs as she frees her breasts from her tight bra and topless she un buttons her jeans and pulls them down over her rounded hips.  K stands in front of me in naked except for her knickers and looks me straight in the eye and I smile and continue to sip my drink.

K’s nipples are hard, small and dark and I can feel my own hardening as I part my lips slightly and my breath quickens.  K turns slowly, deliberately and running her fingers down along the sway of her hips, slips her fingers into her knickers and slowly, slowly, bending slightly forward so I get the full view of her pale, soft arse pulls them down until she can flick them with her toes to a corner of the room.  She glancing back over her shoulder at me, smiles foxily and  laughs, she pulls the shower door open and steps inside, letting the water drench her skin.

We talk nonsense again as she lathers the soap over her body indulgently, I sip at my gin and drink in her full nakedness.  Images go through my mind, first fleeting and then lingering.  I want to force her hard against the white tiles, suck at her nipples as the water runs over us.  I imagine her turning her back on me and being surprised as I pull her hair back and bite her neck, the water in our mouths.  I think of the feel of her arse under my fingers, my nails biting into her flesh, edging into her cunt.

K laughs again as she notices I have started to undo my buttons and unconsciously have slipped my hand into my bra to play with the hardness of my nipple. through the mist of the shower I can just make out her soft outline – the swell of her hips, and breasts, the length of her thighs, her red hair.  K wipes the water from the shower window and peaks out at me.   I watch as  she deliberately squeezes the sponge hard between her legs, the soap bubbles running along her parted thighs.  With one hand she parts her cunt lips and runs the wet sponge along her delicious wetness.  My own cunt twitches and starts to throb as I watch her, I pinch my nipple hard and bite my lip.   I release the last of my buttons and edge my hand up my thighs, under my skirt to the edge of my knickers, they are damp and my cunt twitches in anticipation.

K rubs at the glass once more and turning away from me, one hand on  the wall in front of her – the other squeezing the soap from the sponge onto her glorious backside, says’

‘I can’t seem to reach…’

I strip quickly – my nipples eager for the light touch of the water and my cunt aching for her fingers – I open the door and step into the steamy shower.  K stands turned away from me – now both hand on the wall in front of her, water running down her back, her hair plastered to her head, her arse tilted towards me, her legs slightly apart.  I hold her hard around the waist with one arm, my breasts slippery against her back and I bite her neck.  A gutteral groan escapes from her mouth, tenses her arms against the wall, grinding her arse against my mound.  With my other hand i grab firmly at her arse and sink my fingers into her dripping cunt, it is hot and tight and K lifts her buttocks to sink them in deeper.  I pinch her nipple hard and suck the water from her neck, sliding my fingers in and out of her, playing with her clit, then forcing my fingers back into her beautiful hot pussy. K moans louder, unable to stop herself, she twists round and kisses me hard on the lips, both of us unable to breath through the water, it spills into our mouths and down our chins.  I push her back against the tiles and part her lips with my fingers to fuck her harder.  She cries out, grabbing my hand against her pulsating pussy as she comes and comes, waves of her orgasm as she pushes her own fingers inside with mine.

She sinks back against the wall of the shower and smiles her foxy smile again at me, I slip my fingers from her now aching pussy.  She kisses me again on the lips, running her tongue lightly along my mouth – and then steps lightly from the shower into the deep fluffy towel.

‘We had better get dressed before S comes home.’ she says giggling and running into the bedroom leaving me wet, naked and throbbing and deliciously horny for the rest of the evening.


This is the last Wanton Wednesday – sad sad news – am hoping I can find another place to post my stories and reflections….to find who else is beng deliciously Wanton this week:

Playing alone with others

Rather than running today i find myself alone for the afternoon, the house empty and quiet, the sun tempting and bright through the bedroom window.  I take the laptop upstairs and open up a site i like to play on and then dress for the occasion.  I like to put on  to take off and to ensure that what I am showing needs to be seen.

I return to the bedroom, heels, hold ups, tight black pencil skirt, black knickers, tight white blouse, white bra, deep red lipstick and turn on the camera, linking it into the directing site and watch the messages for a while as the men on the site grope themselves and slaver over the few women that are present.

I start to play with my nipples through my shirt and bra – the camera angled so they can only see me from the neck down, can just see inside the edges of my blouse.  I casually read messages asking me to take my top off.  I resist this and slip my hand inside my bra, pulling and pinching my nipples hard with one hand whilst running the other along my thighs, raising my skirt above my knees and showing the tops of my hold ups.  I sit forward, for a moment obscuring the view of my breasts on the screen.  I type:

‘want more?’

and sit back, popping the buttons on my blouse open and my breasts out of my bra.  I slap my nipple once, twice, until the exquisite sting makes my pussy twinge and I groan.  I lean back on one hand and opening my legs wide run my other hand up my thigh and rub through my damp knickers, slipping one finger around the trim and along my sleek lips.  I resist the temptation to finger my deliciously wet pussy and play with the edge of my hold up stockings

I can see  many other watchers appear on the screen, seemingly all men, pumping their cocks with one hand, typing with the other – faceless, all neck down, some trousers barely down and at their feet, others naked.

Leaning forward, breasts thrust towards the screen, I type:


Without waiting for a response I stand and with my back towards the faceless watchers I strip off my blouse and let my skirt fall to the ground.  Keeping my back to the laptop, I slip my fingers into the top of my knickers and pull them down gently over the curve of my arse, then bend over, my legs slightly open.  Slipping my knickers to the floor, but staying bent over I pull my ass wide so all the watchers can see my pussy and ass and I move my hips to allow a better view.  i know my gorgeous cunt is glistening. My clit is now hard and I can wait no longer.  I turn, lay back on the bed, knees together, legs raised, again ass to the watchers and I start to finger myself slowly.  My painted nails seeking out my wetness I circle my clit and fuck that pussy gently, first with one finger then with two.  Out of the corner of my vision I can see several of the watchers on screen, straining forwards to see, imagining their cocks slapping against my ass.  I push my two fingers deep inside me, moaning, and on drawing them out I turn and lean towards the camera and suck them clean.

I can hear the watchers grunting and can see them furiously pumping their cocks and I know my cunt is throbbing for something harder.  Reaching into my bedside drawer I take out the biggest dildo I have and lay it along my thigh – the watchers briefly pause as I draw it up along my stomach, along my breasts and up into my mouth.  I lick the shaft, wanting it to be as wet as my pussy and push it between my red lips, deep into my mouth, hard against the back of my throat.  I can hear the slap of the watchers fists on their cocks and I can wait no longer.  With one hand I hold my beautiful cunt lips wide and I force the dildo deep inside me. I gasp loudly at its size, at first i can not get it all the way in, i slide it out and ram it in harder, deeper.  I fuck my pussy over and over again, writhing against the dildo harder and harder, ramming it further and further inside me until I am full and can take no more.  I pinch my nipple with malice and my cunt responds, twitching and grasping around the now slick dildo.  I can feel my body go weak, hot, with a layer of sweat from my knees to my nipples.  Bucking hard against the stiff dildo I can feel the waves start and I clench against the rock hard cock, coming over and over, and I cry out loudly in the thankfully empty house.

I lay for a moment and try to catch  my breath.


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you never forget your first kinky encounter…

Tonight as I was running I drifted to thinking of my first kinky encounter – what it was that got me hot the first time, running along the beach, in the brief pause between rain showers….

I was reminded recently of a man I dated many many years ago, well dated is perhaps wishful thinking on my behalf, we fucked several times and I lusted after him… I was very young, 17 perhaps and he was in his mid 20’s.  He was tall, dark hair, green eyes, London Irish and  he was the stage manager in the first theatre I worked in – now a director in LA.  He had flirted with me for months and I was obviously flattered – I acted tough and cool, as teenagers do, but  in retrospect I was so young I obviously didn’t really understand what he wanted.  After the show one evening, sitting around the table over wine and the evening company meal, him sitting opposite me, my feet on his chair, inching along his thigh, nuzzling against his growing cock – him pouring me glass after glass of cheap red wine – me making excuses to leave – him making excuses for me to stay.

At the end of the evening giggling, falling against the door frames, grabbing the half empty bottle of wine he pulls me towards his room on the top floor of the theatre.  Stumbling inside, his hand over my mouth stifling my teenage giggling, slamming the door closed as we fall inside.  He pushes me against the door hard, his hand still covering my mouth and starts to suck at my neck, one hand immediately rubbing me through my trousers and pulling at the zip.  I try to wriggle out from under his hand, I was certainly no teen-angel, and I had presumed we would kiss and make out but this was not quite what I had in mind and I was a little scared by the intensity. I wriggle, he pushes against me harder, my back digging into the door.  His fingers have found the opening of my trousers and force their way into my knickers, rimming the edges of my lips.  He bites my neck, I gasp and struggle a little harder. He stops, raises his eyes, his hand hard over my mouth and tells me to stop as his finger works its way into my tight pussy.  I stop still, he is hot and I have wanted this – and besides I am far too cool to try to stop him.  Harder and harder he fucks me with one finger, his lips now on mine, his tongue large and wet inside my mouth, with his other hand he tugs my trousers down, my naked arse now against the door.

He pushes another finger inside and I groan, my tight teenage pussy not used being fucked by large fingers.  At this he pulls them out and standing away from me, licks them.  He grins and grabbing my wrist hard pulls me onto his bed with him.  We fall with me on top of him and when I try to kiss him he forces my head towards his chest and pulls open his shirt.  Holding my hips hard, grinding himself up against me I can feel the length of his cock against my clit, he groans and flips me onto my back and deftly with one hand yanks my trousers down to my ankles.  I try to wriggle free of them but he pins me to the bed with one hand whilst with the other prys inside my knickers, finding me hot and wet with his fingers again.  Fucking me hard now with his fingers, kneeling infront of me, spreading my lips wide so he can thrust another finger deep and high.

He stops only to pull off my knickers and to free his cock from his trousers and as I try to sit up to kiss him he rams his rigid cock into my mouth between my pert lips and hard against the back of my throat making me gag.  He grabs the back of my head and forces it deeper and deeper, my eyes watering, unable to breathe.  He fucks my mouth over and over, I try to pull away but he is relentless and I start to panic.  I have never sucked a guy all the way and I whimper and gag and try to get him to stop.  His cock throbs in my mouth and he pulls out laughing.  He lays back against the head board, lazily pumping his cock with his fist, his fingers still wet from my pussy.  He reaches for the wine bottle and offers it to me.  I wipe away the tears that have sprung to my eyes from the force of his cock down my throat and shake my head – at which he drains the contents and beckons me to join him.

I move up the bed, smiling up at him, so eager to please him and rub my small hands up and down his shaft.  He groans and slips his finger gently along my slit, still holding onto the bottle.  The he moves the bottle down my body, rolling the cool glass against my nipples.  He grins at this and sits, holding the bottle firmly against my breast, he pinches the other nipple hard, I gasp.  He lifts the bottle to his lips to make sure it is empty and pushes me back to lay on the bed.

‘close your eyes’ he growls.

I hesitate and then close them, with his fists he pushes my legs wide apart and rolls the bottle down my body.  The hard glass raises bumps along my body in it wake and he strokes it against my swollen clit.  I moan gently.  He circles my clit with the end of the bottle and I feel his fingers digging into my arse cheeks, pulling them apart slightly.

‘You like that?’

I moan – I am not sure what he is doing, I am sure it is wrong, but I like the feeling of the hard glass against my cunt and his fingers almost inside my asshole.  He circles my clit again and then opening my pussy wide with his fingers pushes the neck of the bottle into my cunt.  I go rigid.He thrusts gently with the bottle, only a little way at first, massaging my clit with the other hand, then moving round to clasp my arse cheeks painfully again.  He thrusts it deeper inside me and as he does I feel the tip of his finger nudge inside my asshole.  Although I am rigid I feel my clit throbbing hard and I start to grind against the bottle and his finger.  His finger starts to prise its way higher inside my ass, the juices from my cunt providing all the lubrication he needs and I find I am forcing both the wine bottle and his finger deeper and harder. I cry and moan as the rhythm of both becomes unbearable, my tight teenage ass and my pussy pulsating and twitching against his fingers, my white thighs clutching at his hands.  I open my eyes and see him watching me with a sly grin on his face. He stops, pulls the bottle out of my cunt and moving up to my mouth forces me to suck at my own juices on the bottle. 

As I near the end of my run, sweating and desperate to get into the shower so I can relieve my aching and hard clit, I can only remember the grin on his face as he fucked me with the cold glass bottle, relishing my obvious discomfort and my eagerness to please him. He fucked me hard after that of course, ramming his cock deep inside me, pulling out before he cumming and pumping his spunk all over my stomach, but nothing came close to the fear and excitement I felt as the cold glass penetrated me, as his fingers forced and opened my ass and as he bore into my tight, taut cunt.

Time to soap off.


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