Playing alone with others

Rather than running today i find myself alone for the afternoon, the house empty and quiet, the sun tempting and bright through the bedroom window.  I take the laptop upstairs and open up a site i like to play on and then dress for the occasion.  I like to put on  to take off and to ensure that what I am showing needs to be seen.

I return to the bedroom, heels, hold ups, tight black pencil skirt, black knickers, tight white blouse, white bra, deep red lipstick and turn on the camera, linking it into the directing site and watch the messages for a while as the men on the site grope themselves and slaver over the few women that are present.

I start to play with my nipples through my shirt and bra – the camera angled so they can only see me from the neck down, can just see inside the edges of my blouse.  I casually read messages asking me to take my top off.  I resist this and slip my hand inside my bra, pulling and pinching my nipples hard with one hand whilst running the other along my thighs, raising my skirt above my knees and showing the tops of my hold ups.  I sit forward, for a moment obscuring the view of my breasts on the screen.  I type:

‘want more?’

and sit back, popping the buttons on my blouse open and my breasts out of my bra.  I slap my nipple once, twice, until the exquisite sting makes my pussy twinge and I groan.  I lean back on one hand and opening my legs wide run my other hand up my thigh and rub through my damp knickers, slipping one finger around the trim and along my sleek lips.  I resist the temptation to finger my deliciously wet pussy and play with the edge of my hold up stockings

I can see  many other watchers appear on the screen, seemingly all men, pumping their cocks with one hand, typing with the other – faceless, all neck down, some trousers barely down and at their feet, others naked.

Leaning forward, breasts thrust towards the screen, I type:


Without waiting for a response I stand and with my back towards the faceless watchers I strip off my blouse and let my skirt fall to the ground.  Keeping my back to the laptop, I slip my fingers into the top of my knickers and pull them down gently over the curve of my arse, then bend over, my legs slightly open.  Slipping my knickers to the floor, but staying bent over I pull my ass wide so all the watchers can see my pussy and ass and I move my hips to allow a better view.  i know my gorgeous cunt is glistening. My clit is now hard and I can wait no longer.  I turn, lay back on the bed, knees together, legs raised, again ass to the watchers and I start to finger myself slowly.  My painted nails seeking out my wetness I circle my clit and fuck that pussy gently, first with one finger then with two.  Out of the corner of my vision I can see several of the watchers on screen, straining forwards to see, imagining their cocks slapping against my ass.  I push my two fingers deep inside me, moaning, and on drawing them out I turn and lean towards the camera and suck them clean.

I can hear the watchers grunting and can see them furiously pumping their cocks and I know my cunt is throbbing for something harder.  Reaching into my bedside drawer I take out the biggest dildo I have and lay it along my thigh – the watchers briefly pause as I draw it up along my stomach, along my breasts and up into my mouth.  I lick the shaft, wanting it to be as wet as my pussy and push it between my red lips, deep into my mouth, hard against the back of my throat.  I can hear the slap of the watchers fists on their cocks and I can wait no longer.  With one hand I hold my beautiful cunt lips wide and I force the dildo deep inside me. I gasp loudly at its size, at first i can not get it all the way in, i slide it out and ram it in harder, deeper.  I fuck my pussy over and over again, writhing against the dildo harder and harder, ramming it further and further inside me until I am full and can take no more.  I pinch my nipple with malice and my cunt responds, twitching and grasping around the now slick dildo.  I can feel my body go weak, hot, with a layer of sweat from my knees to my nipples.  Bucking hard against the stiff dildo I can feel the waves start and I clench against the rock hard cock, coming over and over, and I cry out loudly in the thankfully empty house.

I lay for a moment and try to catch  my breath.


For more gorgeous Wantoness………….

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