getting clean

We rush back to the house to get changed – K only visiting for a brief weekend and both of us eager to wash up, dress up and go out to meet friends.  The house was empty and quiet, S not yet home from work but due back imminently.  K threw her weekend bag into the spare room and was just pulling her new dress from her bag as I entered with a gin & tonic in hand.

‘Thank you honey, that’s gorgeous.’

‘would you like to shower first?’ I asked sucking at my drink through the ice.

K nodded and I left her to run the shower and ensure there were clean towels ready.  The bathroom starts to fill with puffy clouds of steam and I lay out fluffy dark towels for both of us.  K came in through the door, put down her drink on the side and starts to unbutton her shirt. I turn and start to leave but K stops me,

‘you might as well stay, I’ll be quick and we can carry on chatting’

I stay.  I sit on the edge of the bath and watch her undressing, unashamed of my interest in her beautifully emerging body.  I can feel a tingle between my thighs as she frees her breasts from her tight bra and topless she un buttons her jeans and pulls them down over her rounded hips.  K stands in front of me in naked except for her knickers and looks me straight in the eye and I smile and continue to sip my drink.

K’s nipples are hard, small and dark and I can feel my own hardening as I part my lips slightly and my breath quickens.  K turns slowly, deliberately and running her fingers down along the sway of her hips, slips her fingers into her knickers and slowly, slowly, bending slightly forward so I get the full view of her pale, soft arse pulls them down until she can flick them with her toes to a corner of the room.  She glancing back over her shoulder at me, smiles foxily and  laughs, she pulls the shower door open and steps inside, letting the water drench her skin.

We talk nonsense again as she lathers the soap over her body indulgently, I sip at my gin and drink in her full nakedness.  Images go through my mind, first fleeting and then lingering.  I want to force her hard against the white tiles, suck at her nipples as the water runs over us.  I imagine her turning her back on me and being surprised as I pull her hair back and bite her neck, the water in our mouths.  I think of the feel of her arse under my fingers, my nails biting into her flesh, edging into her cunt.

K laughs again as she notices I have started to undo my buttons and unconsciously have slipped my hand into my bra to play with the hardness of my nipple. through the mist of the shower I can just make out her soft outline – the swell of her hips, and breasts, the length of her thighs, her red hair.  K wipes the water from the shower window and peaks out at me.   I watch as  she deliberately squeezes the sponge hard between her legs, the soap bubbles running along her parted thighs.  With one hand she parts her cunt lips and runs the wet sponge along her delicious wetness.  My own cunt twitches and starts to throb as I watch her, I pinch my nipple hard and bite my lip.   I release the last of my buttons and edge my hand up my thighs, under my skirt to the edge of my knickers, they are damp and my cunt twitches in anticipation.

K rubs at the glass once more and turning away from me, one hand on  the wall in front of her – the other squeezing the soap from the sponge onto her glorious backside, says’

‘I can’t seem to reach…’

I strip quickly – my nipples eager for the light touch of the water and my cunt aching for her fingers – I open the door and step into the steamy shower.  K stands turned away from me – now both hand on the wall in front of her, water running down her back, her hair plastered to her head, her arse tilted towards me, her legs slightly apart.  I hold her hard around the waist with one arm, my breasts slippery against her back and I bite her neck.  A gutteral groan escapes from her mouth, tenses her arms against the wall, grinding her arse against my mound.  With my other hand i grab firmly at her arse and sink my fingers into her dripping cunt, it is hot and tight and K lifts her buttocks to sink them in deeper.  I pinch her nipple hard and suck the water from her neck, sliding my fingers in and out of her, playing with her clit, then forcing my fingers back into her beautiful hot pussy. K moans louder, unable to stop herself, she twists round and kisses me hard on the lips, both of us unable to breath through the water, it spills into our mouths and down our chins.  I push her back against the tiles and part her lips with my fingers to fuck her harder.  She cries out, grabbing my hand against her pulsating pussy as she comes and comes, waves of her orgasm as she pushes her own fingers inside with mine.

She sinks back against the wall of the shower and smiles her foxy smile again at me, I slip my fingers from her now aching pussy.  She kisses me again on the lips, running her tongue lightly along my mouth – and then steps lightly from the shower into the deep fluffy towel.

‘We had better get dressed before S comes home.’ she says giggling and running into the bedroom leaving me wet, naked and throbbing and deliciously horny for the rest of the evening.


This is the last Wanton Wednesday – sad sad news – am hoping I can find another place to post my stories and reflections….to find who else is beng deliciously Wanton this week:

7 thoughts on “getting clean

  1. We find few scenarios more conducive to sex than a steamy shower – but then, you already knew that. 😉

    Very sexy story. We love your attention to detail, and found that we could really visualize what was happening. It made us wish we were there to watch.

    I know you’re aware of Rebel’s Wicked Wednesday meme, as you’ve commented on her post about it. We hope to see you there!

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