Totally Wickedly Wednesday…..

To celebrate the arrival of my new and rather wonderful toy S pins me to the bed, cuffing my wrists into the restraints and tieing my ankles together with the ties we keep at the end of the bed.  Raising and holding my ankles to his shoulder with one hand he playfully slaps my rounded cheeks.  He smiles down at me, my legs held firmly in his fist and I wriggle trying get my legs to a more comfortable position.  S spanks me hard, just once leaving his palm print on my prone bottom.

‘Stay still’ he warns.

He rubs his palm over the traces of red he has left and I flinch, imagining the sting of another slap.  It does not come, instead his movements become harder, he pulls at my cheeks, his fingers rough against my ass.  He rests my ankles on his shoulder and after running his thumb along my wet pussy pushes two fingers deep inside me.  He holds them there, I try to squirm again and he spanks my arse hard, leaving my skin stinging and my cunt full and twitching.

I can see his throbbing cock just behind his hands, eager to be inside me, brushing against my firmly closed thighs.  S pulls his fingers out and thrusts his cock once inside me and pulls straight out with a groan.  I can see my wetness covering him. Pushing my thighs forward until I have to bend he reaches into the drawer where we keep our toys and takes out the new dildo, switching it on.  Keeping me bent with my thighs now close to my head, he runs the head of the vibrator along my cunt.  The vibrations lick at my clit and I start to moan, aching for it inside me.  He lingers over my ass I for a moment I think he is going to push it inside and I tense, but he presses it hard against my clit until I can feel the tremors starting to build in my thighs.  S pulls back from me and runs the vibrator along the length of his shaft, enjoying me watching him. He starts to finger my cunt with his other hand, two fingers slipping over and over again inside me and I have to grind against them, pushing my arse into his palm.

S can sense I am close and as it is my celebration and new toy he pulls my lips apart and holds the head of the vibrator at the edge of my cunt.

‘yes?’ he questions.

‘mmmm’ I can barely manage.

He slides the length of the hard and smooth vibrator hard into me slowly, but relentlessly, enjoying my grinding.  I can not control how fast he is thrusting into me or how hard, I can not control the cries and deep groans that are coming from my throat and I can not control the shaking that starts in my stomach and spreads to my thighs.  I can feel my skin starting to blush as I start to sweat – I know I am very close to coming I start to clench my thighs together.  S pulls the vibrator out to its full length and forces it back inside me, over and over again, faster and faster until I scream out and I come hard, sobs escaping from me as the waves of orgasm force me against the mattress….

A wonderful prize to win…..

This is the first post for Wicked Wednesday… why don’t you join in and write something deliciously Wicked??

Wicked Wednesday


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