a little bit about TheKinkyMinx

Sooooo – who am I and why do I write through this blog?

I am a kinky, sparkly, glittery runner – or rather I like to TRY and run…

I am passionate about Burlesque – not as a performer, but am fascinated by the history, adore the costumes and simply LOVE the strong women & men involved.

I have been with gorgeous S for close to 20 years and we are exploring together – he encourages me to express myself in ALL ways and we are seeing where this all leads to – so far it has been fun!

I can not bear labels – straight, gay, bisexual, poly, swinging, dom, sub – if you like them then wonderful – but I WILL not be put into a box for someone to categorise – why miss out on so much fun!

I am LOVING sex at the moment and LOVE to write about what I am doing – and what I want to do – you decide where the line is….

I hope you enjoy what I write – if not then – whatever – if so then please do drop me a line – I am VERY new to this and would love constructive feedback!


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